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I had to deal with enough in my past relationship I don't need no head games, just want to fool around I could use a friendly reminder about sensual touching. If swungers around 50 with nice dr phil swingers m4w If your 50 years old or over,with big breasts,i would love to mboobsage. I do not want to get married. I love the outdoors and that could mean anything from yard dr phil swingers to a day at the beach.

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Yahoo Answers. Did anyone see Dr.

The Lifestyle is a lot more than most non-swingers think and a lot less than If we may be so bold as to quote an episode of Dr. Phil, he defined cheating by. Feb 29, An open-marriage couple goes on the Dr. Phil Show . says: "The worst label you can call a polyamorist is a 'swinger'; they are very clear that it. Sep 2, Rebecca & Chris from The Secret Sex Lives Of Swingers . Dr. Phil Tells a Man His Demands for His Wife are Unrealistic - Duration:

Phil's show on Swingers today? I usually don't watch him, but thought it'd be interesting to see what he said dr phil swingers swingers. Pretty biased singers one-sided in my opinion.

He showed two couples who had major issues, and one's didn't really have anything to do with swingers - just lots of other issues. Anyway, was wondering if Anyway, was wondering if anyone saw it and what you think. Or dr phil swingers you think about swinging in general. I am a happily married swinger, but only with women. Report Abuse. Dr phil swingers you sure you want to delete this answer?

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Are Swingers Freaky and Deviant? | Psychology Today

Best Answer: I've dr phil swingers just about every statesville escorts of the mainstream shows that have touched on swinging and none of them have been perfect by any means. It's hard when you consider that very few people are going to get swingrrs television and discuss their sexual issues let alone admit to swinging in such a public way.

So chances are swingres most of those they get are dr phil swingers to have some sort of issue. They almost always end up dr phil swingers in beverly Hills California free fone sex negative side of things against a real swinging couple. My initial reaction to the first couple he interviewed was similar to yours but as you watch more you see that the difference is that dr phil swingers are really talking and working together to get past the issue they are having and self-esteem is an issue that we all deal with no matter.

The difference is communication. I was actually really impressed with the way Dr. Phil handled the show, based on what I have seen of him I expected him to completely slam the whole of swinging, but he didn't. He said flat out it was not something he would ever do but he did not condemn those that do and he made a very good point of saying that the problems the second couple was having have nothing to do with sexswinging or threesomes. Unfortunately, there are many couples out there just like that second couple where one partner is pushing for something dr phil swingers the other partner has no rd whatsoever and only goes along to the extent that they do because of a fear of losing their partner.

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Show About Swingers. Phil is a good man, does some good things, and does indeed help some people.

But he's also a showman and a dr phil swingers, and will exploit anyone or anything, swimgers such titillating things as sexuality, to make a buck.

And his viewing demographic is mostly stay-at-home housewives. He's swngers pretty judgemental of anyone who doesn't line up with dr phil swingers personal version of morality though he's no Dr. I am not a swinger, but I have known people who are, and who are very happily married. I can't argue with their logic.

Dr phil swingers

For one thing, people who swing understand that having sex and loving someone are two entirely different dr phil swingers. Having sex with someone saingers necessarily mean that you love them any more than loving someone means that you have sex with. One happily married swinging woman I know told me, "My husband loves me more than your wife loves you.

She replied, "My husband loves me enough xr give me anything I want, even if that were to play speed dating lancashire dr phil swingers for a few hours.

He won't deny me anything that will bring me pleasure and make me happy.

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Does your wife love you enough to dr phil swingers you do or have anything you want? Enough to let dr phil swingers explore your wildest fantasies? Or does she feel waterbury mature sex need to control what you do, and threaten retribution if you disobey her wishes?

Does she find security or pleasure in depriving you of the thrill and excitement we all feel when having sex with someone new or someone different? It doesn't work for some people because they were taught differently, or are too insecure to give their significant other any freedom, or their religion condemns such personal freedom.

But I don't see how you can argue dr phil swingers that logic. It did seem pretty sad, that he can't have a show with an honest portrayal of swinging. He had to find couples dr phil swingers a lot of issues for the ratings. My wife and I have been swinging together for several years, and have never encountered some of the garbage those couples were talking phip.

We have been married 24 years. We have watched porn movies on occasion but that is other people. If one can watch porn then why wouldn't they enjoy it even more with someone they are attached to. Many who condemn swinging are also the same people who have had cheating affairs. Swinging is NOT cheating if it's done right. Everything is safe and understood. So who has the moral problem? The only source any couple needs sswingers to be honest and explore a little.

No pressure ever, no cheating ever, no lieing ever, just enjoy what dr phil swingers hot sexy babe each on in a dr phil swingers and comfortable environment. It surely will spice up your sex life with each other as well as when you young sexy naked women with.

As that saying goes to each their. Though I am pphil lost at how couples dr phil swingers claim to be committed to each other in mind, body and soul, but then have sexual relations with.

Dr phil swingers Wants Sexual Partners

Ewingers more if this couple is married. I just don't see how a couple who is truly committed to swongers other body and soul could find swinging to be a positive thing. My husband and I feel it is our responsibility to please swinges other, work at our relationship and keeping ourselves as well swingerss each other happy. Our marriage includes two people, me and. There is no room for anyone else, not even for an hour or so.

I agree that those couples had major issues and if those issues were resolved appropriately than I don't think swinging would be a part of their marriages. Am I living in a dream world? The show never came to the conclusion if the father molested his daughter or not but, Dr.

Phil did say he dr phil swingers a 2nd lie dectector test and past and that they dr phil swingers be following up on the story. Swinging is fine, as long as the participants are all willing consenting adults who have strong relationships with good communication who've negotiated their limits. Problems arise when someone is coerced, limits aren't agreed, the relationship is shaky or people fail to communicate properly.

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Dr phil swingers

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