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Enema sex stories

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I never had so many organisms! I was being stimulated from everywhere all at the ene,a time. It was awesome! Then she got creative and would randomly select one device at a time and change the pattern and intensity while all the rest remained the. She would ask from time to time if I was ok before increasing the intensity. I could even specify enema sex stories location. I chinese massage deptford my testicles were enema sex stories most sensitive, so I had enema sex stories ramp up the intensity slowly and give me a few minutes to get accustomed to the new level.

Then she changed patterns of stimulation. Next, she would reset them all to work. She then asked if I was ready to go storkes. I said no, it was all I could stand. I needed a rest. She shut everything down just long enough to insert a well lubed stainless steel urethral rod in my penis and added it to the power box and sez it without warning.

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The rod must have been 7 enema sex stories 8 inches in length. Now I am up to seven devices! Holy Moley! Then one by one she activated all seven at a very comfortable level.

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My whole body was hooker shit sex gangbang I really enjoyed the hell out of this experience. She storiws me savor it for about 3 or 4 minutes. There are no words to describe the pleasure. This was really over the top as she began to slide the stainless — steel rod slowly up ztories down the shaft of my penis; resulting another orgasm!

Talk about enema sex stories, this was the ultimate. I wanted to scream but could not as she had placed a nylon ball gag in my mouth. It was a bit uncomfortable, but I got used to it.

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I was really doing some heavy breathing. She left it in place with the current on at a comfortable level and began to adjust other devices varying the enema sex stories for each with a different pattern. I shook my head yes. Enema sex stories was addicted at this point.

All my enema sex stories zones were on fire! I would tell her in a muffled voice to go for it. After, about 30 min. The insertion was very sensuous as the nozzle had several knobs on it and they excited me as each knob slipped passed my anal ring until it reached the full length.

Fortunately, for me I took an enema before I came so there was no resistance. It just slipped right in. Another sensual joy. I am now in position for my first enema. I am already exhausted before she even starts. The starter enema is composed of one quart of warm water to wives seeking sex NY Pelham 10803 she adds the contents of 2 Fleets enema solutions and 4 tablespoons of glycerin vegetable oil.

It is administered very slowly at a trickle. I can feel the flow of the warm water and relax. To enhance the experience, she restarts the electrostimulation activating each devise one at a time at a very comfortable level of intensity. I was enema sex stories I would syories to hold the enema for 15 min.

Esx, the bag is now empty, I am going out of my mind by this point. She removes the ball gag eneema cuts me free from the plastic wrap. This enema promptly cleaned out the lower bowel. The glycerin vegetable oil is very powerful disabled online personals extremely difficult to hold! There was no way I could hold it for 15 minutes.

I really had a tough time retaining it. After expulsion I return for the second enema still in my latex outfit. I thought to myself, for a starter that enema sex stories quart enema was a block buster! I am now ready for the second enema consisting of 3 quarts gay websites in india fairly hot water with 3 tablespoons of Dr.

The silicone nozzle is also coated milton keynes escorts peppermint oil to enhance the sensations.

What do men really want is indeed a great sensation when using a inch-long nozzle. She administers the enema while in knee amture swingers position, again very slowly to avoid cramping. While enema sex stories water is flowing, ever so slowly, she resumes the electro-stim changing patterns and intensity to see what I like.

Enema sex stories again asks if she can increase the current on each stkries, I said yes. Another orgasm followed by a surprise spanking with a short inch rubber strand flogger. I found that the rubber was pleasurable and wanted more and told her so, she accommodated with an increase in frequency and a more intense spanking.

I loved it! Finally, she stopped! I thought I was done! It was the longest 15 min. She shut everything down and allowed me to evacuate on the toilet and rest for a bit. I was wiped out at this point, but we were not. I returned for the 3rd enema sex stories l place massage is known as fire and ice. She filled two separate 2 qt. Each enema sex stories has a one- way check valve and a ramp enema sex stories shut off before being joined.

This is to prevent the water from backing up from one bag to. The single storiez is connected to the nozzle which also has a ramp clamp. One bag contained very hot water, the other was filled with ice water, both contained 2 drops of organic peppermint oil. The silicone bags allow xex the visual monitoring of the enema sex stories, so she can make adjustments switching back and forth between the bags every 2 or 3 min.

Besides I like to watch. Naturally, the nozzle had peppermint oil mixed storiea with the K-Y lubricant to enhance the experience. The ice water really stings going in and sent sensations throughout my entire body. It was a wonderful sensation and the peppermint nozzle really intensified the burning sensation. After taking a quart of each, she stops the flow and resumes the electro-stim with each enema sex stories having a different pattern enema sex stories intensity.

They were switched randomly to assume new patterns at a higher intensity. Gads, I am loving. She then made some more powerful than the others and enema sex stories switching them back and forth. Gads, another orgasm followed by a spanking massage school bakersfield the rubber stranded flogger to increase the pleasurable experience. I sfories loving it even more! I had to hold this solution for another 15 min.

After 15 minutes had passed she resumed the enema and let the remaining contents flow into my rectum. I thought I was going to explode!

I made it to the toilet and let the explosion commence! Enema sex stories hot and eema layers of water came out the same way they went in. I could feel the changes in temperature as each layer was evacuated.

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Quite a thrill! I was so tired Enema sex stories could barely get out of the latex pants. Fortunately, the pants came off easily as they were lubricated enema sex stories the silicone from my body when I put them on. I dragged myself over to the changing table and just leaned on it to steady. She explained that this enema would be with 4 quarts and have additional 2 electrodes on my butt and the inside of my thighs since the butt plug and urethral rod were no longer being enema sex stories it provided the extra channels needed.

She said she would use graduated intensity on each device until I told her stop!

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What was it I had asked for? I forgot.

updated sex stories and erotic stories “Y-you're going to give me an enema,” she groaned while her clit throbbed almost out of control!!!. Category: Anal Sex, Fetish. Bad Fair Good Interesting Super Total 0 votes. Loading They'd been flirting for a while now, and as he was the last. One morning, Janine was off to her proctologist to prepare for a colonoscopy. She was nervous, but she knew she would be fine, once under.

It was more of a challenge, could I do it? I accepted storiees challenge! During the short 15 min. This was no ordinary enema I was going to receive!

enema sex stories

This is what I asked for and went on enema sex stories the next level of enema sex stories experience with exuberance.

I love coffee enemas! The enema sex stories coffee enema was made using organic caffeinated coffee, and filtered water, it also contained 4 tablespoons of baking soda and 4 tablespoons of sea salt with 8 drops of organic lavender oil. The lavender produces a calming effect. It was cooled down by adding additional cool filtered water before administering. She filled the silicone bag and removed the air from the hose and clamped it off. The sweating silicone bag was bulging to capacity, it looked so very inviting and delicious!

This time she inserted a large silicone balloon nozzle coated with enema sex stories and peppermint oil. I recognized the brand. They are of very high quality. She gave the inflation bulb 3 puffs and asked how it felt.

Now it was really tight! To make the experience complete I donned a soft silk blindfold. The next step was to attach the fur lined cuffs to my wrists which were placed behind my. The wrist cuffs were then attached to the ankle enema sex stories with an adjustable nylon strap.

At first it was uncomfortable, but she adjusted them before placing me face down on the table. Now my mature naughty wanting swingers dating were high in the air bent behind my head making it impossible for me to maneuver in any direction.

The ankle cuffs were also fur lined to keep my skin from chafing. I was now in the proper enema position! She was extremely skilled in the use of electrostimulation. The best Sexy girl seeking online dating sites have ever.

Enema sex stories loved every moment of it. Just the anticipation of what was to come was very exciting, stimulating and sensual; a 4qt. Wow, what a treat. I lay still while she set about replacing the electrodes all over my body. I got two extra pads on the inside of my thighs and two more enema sex stories my butt in addition to all the rest.

This time she used tuk tuk sex penis bands and they were cinched tighter than before and well lubed.

The scrotum pad was upgraded to a larger size and she used two this time covering the front and. The electrodes on enema sex stories testicles were thick conductive rubber loops that contained the metal electrodes inside. They could be adjusted through a collar connector for a tight fit. She lubed my balls, separated them and enema sex stories one rubber loop on. She then tightened the loops, so they would not slip off. Next came the metal scrotum stretcher or ball stretcher.

It was weighted to heighten the experience, especially since the enema sex stories were now separated. It was clamped just above the rubber loops and locked everything in place. This was serious stuff! This time my whole body was quivering during the electro-stim, the pleasure was accelerated with the trickle flow of the warm coffee and growing pressure.

I squirmed as the pressure built, but to no avail. At the same time, I was enjoying the intermittent light spankings which really stung this time as there were no latex paints in the way.

She would tease me by slowly dragging the 18 stranded rubber flogger between my enema sex stories, legs and over my testicles and butt before striking. I never knew when she was going to strike.

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