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Male street hustlers

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For the past four months, Alexander has found work as a prostitute in Mexico Stfeetworking streets, posting pictures of his slim frame and pretty face online for potential clients, and cashing in.

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I was his tour guide. He wanted to have fun.

Sex workers to Mexican government: Stop screwing with us. Read more.

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In an area of about five blocks — from Varsovia to Burdeos streets — traversing the main boulevards of Hamburgo and Reforma, up to male street hustlers rent out their bodies on any given weekend night. Their work zone is watched by surveillance cameras and regular police patrols, yet the prostitution continues to operate out in the open.

They service men as well as women. Looking for a prostitute?

Germany has an app for. Some got into the business at the invitation of friends who had assured them that this informal industry represents quick and easy cash.

Although they are all dressed as men, there is some variety among the male hookers along Reforma. Rates vary from person to person.

The "good vibe guys" agreed that most of their customers are gay, although in many cases, these men have not come out of the closet. Many of them are married and even have children. Male street hustlers by any other name is still exploitation.

Although it is a reduced market, there protstate massage also women who seek out their services, but not all of male street hustlers "good vibe guys" agree to hook up with.

I have met women who are married, attractive Work shifts usually begin at 10 PM and sometimes ends around 5 AM Sundays are very active hustlwrs swingers seek them.

Pedro, 33, got out of prison a few months ago, and one way of reinserting himself in the work-force has been through prostitution. Colonia Juarez is not the only place in Mexico City where male male street hustlers takes place, but it is place where the services are the priciest.

On several occasions, VICE News contacted amle offices of the Cuauhtemoc borough, where Colonia Juarez is located, regarding this subject, but the delegate and communications staff chose to not comment. Due to the secrecy male street hustlers in this trade, there are no public health measures in place, so none of these sex-workers have a certificate verifying they are free of STDs.

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The report indicates that for every 30 prostitutes, only seven male street hustlers their services to women, since the majority of those who hire male street hustlers request penetrative anal sex A common factor among the "good vibe guys" is that they usually live alone, the majority of them have a middle school education, and hustoers some have studied at a high school level.

This is what year-old Alexander is doing.

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He came from Toluca to Mexico City to study architecture and acting. I will continue for a while until I reach my goals.

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