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O n 21 Septemberat the peak of the MeToo movement that had supposedly shattered the silence around the sexual assault and harassment of women, white woman com women, most of them white, convened in Washington DC to profess their support for the embattled supreme court justice nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

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Voltaire and dating psychology professor, Christine Blasey Ford, had eoman Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her decades earlier white woman com she was just Though no gender breakdown for non-whites was provided, the numbers revealed a stunning discrepancy between white women white woman com people of colour. The picture gets even starker when white men are added to the tally: Overall, people of colour were almost twice as likely to believe a white woman making a sexual assault allegation against a white man.

What could make white woman com many white women dismiss the credible claims of a fellow white woman? These voting patterns of white women have stunned white women and women of colour.

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Those who had expected a different outcome from the US presidential election white woman com that these women had sided with their race over their dating hot asian, choosing their whiteness over their womanhood.

The academic and author Kyla Schuller argues that rather than betraying their womanhood, these women were performing it.

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Schuller says White Womanhood has been a key stabilising feature of western civilisation. Although not as visible as that of their male counterparts, their role was nonetheless white woman com pivotal to the success of European settler-colonialism.

In other words, White Womanhood acts as a buffer between whites and non-whites. Serving as white woman com virtuous, innocent face of western civilisation, white women have historically kept power firmly in white hands by defending and denying its violence.

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The removal of Indigenous children from their families both in Australia and the United States, for womxn, was largely white woman com by white women. How and why has this white woman com of the role played by white women been largely neglected in favour of a narrative that positions colonialism and imperialism as the domain of white men alone?

White Lady Funerals | A Woman's Understanding

Part of the answer lies in the manipulation of discourse. White women were not bystanders to the global colonial project, but because they were subordinate to and white woman com suffered at the hands of white men, their role has largely slipped under the radar in favour of a misleading discourse that has placed them on almost qhite footing with the populations they helped to colonise.

By pinning all culpability on white men, white women — whether wittingly or unwittingly — whitewash their role in colonisation and the oppression white woman com women of colour by doman their gender fom with colonialism.

This is what black and brown women mean when we say we cannot separate our gender from our race: Anything else runs the risk of reasserting whiteness because it white woman com only ever benefit white women.

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White women continue white woman com reap the benefits of the default to innocence they have been granted ladies seeking hot sex Brookpark but only when this innocence can be used to bolster whiteness as soman system of power. Women for Kavanaugh demonstrates the pivotal role White Womanhood still plays in the maintenance of this system, but for some white women this privilege comes at a catastrophic cost.

The price white women pay for masking the violence of white civilisation is to in turn be disbelieved when they are brutalised white woman com it.

But we were wrong. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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Topics Race. Indigenous Australians Colonialism comment.

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