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I Seeking Sexual Encounters Would you like to join me?

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To “join” someone means to do an activity together. We use “if you want to join me” as an indirect offer. The real meaning is “ and if you want to join me, you are . See examples of Do you want to join me in English. Real sentences showing how to use Do you want to join me correctly. would you like? definition: used when offering something or inviting someone. Learn more. Would you like to join us for dinner tonight? Would you like me.

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Come to me? Join me?

Thread starter angel Start date Apr 23, I want you to come to me. I want you to join me.

Are they the same meaning? In Search Of Senior Member always somewhere.

Hi More or less, yes. I would prefer to say "I want you to come.

Does that help? Come sounds like you want the person to come to you as opposed to you going to them; join implies you want the person to come to you for some purpose like having dinner or going to an event.

Thanks a lot for you help. The more I think about it, I find it difficult to distinguish between the three phrases: Anyways, is there any difference to the sentences above and are they all correct?

Thanks for you help!

Definition of would you care to join me in the Idioms Dictionary. would you care to join me phrase. Bill: Love to, but Sue's mom is going to be along any minute. Translate Would you like to join me. See 3 authoritative translations of Would you like to join me in Spanish with audio pronunciations. Would you like to join? If you would like to join this JIP, please drop me an email I would like to join the project if my skills and expertise are suitable. My email.

Tazzler Senior Member Maryland. Sentence by sentence: The first usually implies eating at a restaurant, while the second woule refer to a restaurant or the speaker's home.

Hi Tazzler,thanks a lot for your detailed reply! However, there're a couple of things I'm still now sure. A Is it possible to ask: Thre is a distinct difference between "come with us into the kitchen" and "follow us into the kitchen".

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If I come with you into the kitchen, we go there at the same time. If I follow you into the kitchen, you go first, and then I take the same route. Also note that if I join you in would you like to join me? kitchen, I end up in the same place, but there is no suggestion made as to how I got there -- for example, I could have climbed through the window. Thanks a lot.

But what about my questions above: You must log in or register to reply .